Sunday, September 13, 2009

Climate Change Coordinator

Last mention of the UN internship, I was preparing for the impending interview. Hours after the interview, I was offered the position of Climate Change Coordinator for the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA)!

My first day on the job was quite an overwhelming experience. It is a very demanding and fast-paced environment. This is the very challenged I have needed.

On any given moment, it is normal to listen to persons communicating in ten different languages and about subjects in which I have such acute interest. It is exciting to have almost full access to UN meetings and conferences, and the persons whom I meet are fascinating and knowledgeable characters. One day, I was asked to hand-deliver a letter to Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon--when I arrived at his office, however, I only got as far as his guard at the reception desk.

I survived the first two weeks, and now (after considerable research) I feel that I have an adequate handle on the subject and the direction in which the office needs to be headed regarding climate change.


  1. Hey Jake!
    This is tito. My most sincere congratulations on your new position, I am sure you will do a fantastic job. Sounds like something you will really enjoy doing.

    Muchisimas bendiciones.

  2. Tito. It's great to hear from you. Thank you for your congrats and encouraging words.

    Any plans to come to Chile this summer?

    On another note: Feliz 18! Last night, we went to the only Chilean restaurant we could find in New York. We had 3 empanadas y una copa de Casillero del Diablo--nos costó 25 lucas!--terrible caro.

    Bendiciones to you, my friend. Hope to hear from you soon--we need to start up the Go game.

  3. Yes! we are going (the whole fam this time) to Chile this Summer. Arriving around Dec 15 and until the end of Dec. Would we see you there? If so, I will take a Go board for sure.

    Thanks, yes we did have a great 18 celebration this weekend with some Chilean friends. Empanadas, pastel de Choclo, etc. Good times.
    How was that Chilean place in NY? You have to tell me the name, someday I want to take the family to NY.

    Please say hi to Doris for me.


  4. WOW! Jake, you don't know how jealous I am of your new endeavors! And, by that I mean, I am soooo stoked for you! Congratulations on the internship...I hope to one day work at the UN myself. :)

  5. Jake, congrats a little late...but wished the same as if it was the day after you accepted the internship! They would have been fools not to hire you, my very knowledgeable and learned friend! My thoughts and prayers are with you both many times more than I can write! Love and blessings, Cathy