Monday, June 22, 2009

Smarter and Less Greedy

The aroma of our coffee is now permeating the homes of friends, a prominent film director, and the CEO of a music label. All of them are raving about it--we've sold around 20 bags. If you haven't viewed the link that explains the origin of our green coffee, please watch it (the BBC bit)!

What interests us most about our beans is the production process:

Oftentimes, the globalization of capitalism can exploit those who are on the bottom of the production chain--in this case, the farmers. Our distributors, however, work directly with smaller farms that are family owned and ensure that they receive a worthy pay for their harvest. This is an example of how globalization of capitalism can have a positive impact--we just have to be smarter and less greedy about it.

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  1. ship some up here! por favor?
    I'm going through a coffee phase.. I like it right now. Or rather, I can handle it right now.